His main published works are:

  • Humanize the Earth
  • Contributions to Thought
  • The Day Of The Winged Lion
  • Guided Experiences
  • Universal Root Myths
  • Letters To My Friends
  • Dictionary of New Humanism
  • Silo Speaks
  • Psychology Notes.

Two volumes of his Complete Works have also been published. These books have been translated and published in the main languages and dialects of the world and are standard reading for rebellious youth, for the New Left, for humanists, environmentalists and pacifists. Starting from the year 2002, Silo launched The Message, giving his work a spiritual dimension.

See www.silo.net


This web includes information from Communities of Silo's Message in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Please refer to www.elmensajedesilo.net for information about Communities of Silo's Message in Latin America.